Workshops on building geodesic domes from recycled materials – and natural materials.

In these times of retreat, I would like to invite you to become creatively and craftily active together in order to build inexpensive and simple places to relax and dream. I am an experiential educator with experience in handicrafts and art, who would like to share her enthusiasm and fascination for geodomes with other people and across borders.

In community events, harmonious, simple and inexpensive geodomes can be built with me. I also give suggestions for covering possibilities and greening, e.g. with climbing plants. In this way, spaces in the green can be individually designed in different sizes.

A geodome can also be used as a weatherproof greenhouse. Its shape allows the sun to shine in all around, making it possible to grow fruit and vegetables all year round.

Other possible uses are: demonstrative teaching of mathematical relationships with children, young people and students, flexible (well-ventilated) seminar rooms, easily transportable chicken coops, sheltered sleeping space close to the stars on flat roofs or, for example, as a playroom for children.

No prior knowledge of handicrafts or special physical strength is necessary for this. In a few years I would like to have built geodomes together with many creative people and have collected lots of examples, which I would like to share to encourage people to build their own small oases.

Jorinde,      Freiburg im Breisgau, March ´22